BSHP Update 2020

Information about Birmingham Social Housing Partnership. As we all adapt and change how we work to deal with Covid-19, I wanted to take this opportunity to share the continuing work of BSHP. Whilst more of us may be working from home, we are very much working!

Once you are a member of BSHP you have access to, a number of groups (based on your core work as a housing provider)  as well as access into partner events and groups. There are dedicated members of staff to help make contact with partners and statutory services across the City as well as other housing associations.

The exec team are the board and each member is voted in. They all have an associated work stream.

The execs collectively attend a huge number of local, regional and national meetings and this feeds into our work.

Groups BSHP Run:

Housing Options meeting.

Over 55 meeting.

Housing Benefit meeting.

Youth Housing pathway.


ASB/Community Safety Practitioners meeting.

Employment and training.

BSHP Court group.

Domestic Abuse Group .

Exec meeting.

AGM:  annual meeting, all BSHP members are welcome, reflects on the years work and aims for the new year.

There are lots of other meetings and boards that BSHP members sit on, chair or are welcome at.

The ethos of BSHP is to act as a single point of contact for the city, partners and each other.

BSHP seeks to utilise the combined strength of our collective voice and come together on shared issues.

I hope that this is useful information or a reminder of what we do.

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