Who are we?

Birmingham Social Housing Partnership (BSHP) is a partnership of housing associations – often referred to as Registered Providers – that work together to improve and influence how housing is delivered in Birmingham.

Housing associations operating in the city vary in size from those with fewer than 10 homes, to those with more than 50,000. BSHP draws on the collective strength of its members who, between them, provide 40,337 homes in Birmingham. They contribute £219 million to the city’s economy and employ around 6,000 Full Time Equivalent staff.
BSHP work closely with West Midlands Housing association Partnership. One of our key focuses currently is working with Birmingham City Council and private landlords as part of the Housing Birmingham Partnership Board to deliver the priority in the Housing Birmingham Strategy.
Playing a crucial role in our communities, housing associations provide high quality homes and extensive support services. They help meet local priorities in the most deprived areas of Birmingham, but most importantly they contribute to improving residents’ lives. Most of the homes they provide are rented at affordable rates, while some are sold through low-cost home ownership schemes.

Housing associations offer support for people with a range of needs including older people, people with disabilities and people with learning difficulties, as well as people who have been homeless. They are also involved in community initiatives such as employment training, regeneration and projects with children and young people across the city.

As not-for-profit businesses, housing associations are not part of the public sector. Most are charities and they are required to be registered with the Home and Communities Agency.

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Birmingham Social Housing Partnership is led by an Executive Team, made up of representatives from housing associations based in the city. These include a Chair, Deputy Chair and Treasurer. They must be Chief Executives, Regional Directors, Regional Managers, or senior officers nominated by a Chief Executive or equivalent, and are elected for a one-year term. Individual members of the Executive each hold a portfolio area relevant to the business of BSHP.

Martyn Hale

Managing Director

    • To be the vehicle for discussion and negotiation with Birmingham City Council and other strategic bodies on all matters relating to the activities of social landlords operating in the City of Birmingham.
    • To work together with the National Housing Federation in the West Midlands to represent and promote the interests of its members
    • To provide a forum for discussion on matters of mutual interest and concern
    • To disseminate information relevant to social housing activity in Birmingham.
    • The business of BSHP is led by an Executive Team made up of representatives from member organisations
    • Individual members of the Executive each hold a portfolio area relevant to the business of BSHP and liaise with members and local agencies through working groups
    • ‘Lunchtime Briefings’ are held during the year for staff at member organisations on topics current in the sector
  • Good quality housing supports:

    • Healthier and happy lives
    • Better chances in life through education and lifelong learning
    • Jobs and prosperity for local people
    • Reduced levels of crime and less fear of crime
    • Independent living for older and vulnerable people
    • Tackling poverty and debt.

Join us



  • Opportunity to be closely involved in the development of housing strategy and policy for Birmingham
  • Direct link to key decision makers and funding authorities in the city and which enables more effective collective representation of the social housing providers operating in the city.
  • Opportunity to find out about and share good practice
  • Be part of an extensive housing network of people and organisations involved in social housing delivery in the city
  • Opportunity for operational staff to attend topical workshops, briefings and training events.