Contacts for BSHP Groups

If you are interested in a particular topic, please feel free to contact:

 Housing Needs and Homelessness


Housing Benefit:



Catherine Brinsdon: BSHP:


 Community Safety and harm reduction, ASB

Catherine Brinsdon: BSHP:



 Elderly Housing:



Youth Housing :




Employment and Training:

Afzal Hussain: Witton Lodge:


BSHP Exec Members

Martyn Hale: WM Housing
Jonathan Driffill: Friendship Care and Housing
Peter Richmond: Bournville Village Trust
Jean Templeton: St Basils
Afzal Hussain: Witton Lodge
Sara Woodall: Accord
Matt Burken: Bromford
Llewellyn Graham: Nehemiah
Simon Wilson: Pioneer


Partnership Details

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